His Faithful Squire by KD Sarge

His Faithful Squire - K.D. Sarge

Rafe spent the first twenty years of his life learning how helpless he was. He's been with Taro for two years, living under the protection of Taro and Taro's formidable sister. He's learned some new skills, but he's pretty sure he's still helpless. However, when he and Taro strike out on their own, problems keep cropping up, and suddenly Taro is the one who needs to be rescued, more than once. It's only after Rafe's found solutions--however unorthodox--that he begins to realize that perhaps he was never as helpless as he'd been taught.

His Faithful Squire is a wonderful book, written from the point of view of the very chatty and personable Rafe. If you're ever been dissatisfied by a "happily ever after" ending, you'll appreciate this look at a relationship that's not exactly new, but is undergoing new stresses. And both parties need to learn how to adapt individually and to work together as a couple. If you've read Knight Errant, the first book in this series, you'll enjoy seeing memories from Rafe's perspective, but if you're new to this universe and this author, His Faithful Squire is an excellent and very welcoming starting point.